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Suspicious website and fake email messages

IU, LAI & LI (the “Firm”) wishes to alert and bring to the attention of all regarding a suspicious website under the firm name of “Iu, Lai, Li & Co.” and/or “Iu, Lai & Li Law” (Domain Name: and email messages purported to have been sent by members of the Firm but with email address ending “…” all of which have already been reported to the Hong Kong Police Force and the Law Society of Hong Kong.

The Firm wishes to state that it is a Hong Kong solicitors’ firm registered with The Law Society of Hong Kong under the name of “Iu, Lai & Li” and at no point in time has the Firm ever used “Iu, Lai, Li & Co.” and/or “Iu, Lai & Li Law” as the Firm’s name.  The correct and genuine website address of the Firm is: and emails sent from members of the Firm all end with “…”.

If you happen to receive emails from an email address of [xxx], they are not proper emails sent by/from members of the Firm.  Please ignore such emails and consider reporting the matter to the Police if in doubt.

Thank you for your attention.

The mission statement of the Firm is to provide comprehensive, professional and high quality legal service to each and every client. All members of the Firm are committed to working as a team. Efficient and effective teamwork among highly qualified individuals concentrates the Firm’s wealth of experience and resources to bear on the most demanding legal transactions.

The additional strength of the Firm is that it also advises clients on long-term planning and strategies, often as part of an extended effort to ensure that every client receives expert and in-depth service that they are entitled to.